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Wire filter leaf of sintered mesh

Wire filter leaf of sintered mesh

Wire filter leaf of sintered mesh
Wire Mesh Wire Mesh
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Details of Wire filter leaf of sintered mesh:


The Wire filter leaf of sintered mesh in alarm equipment is made of sintered  multi-layer  wire cloth, which is special laminated and sintered in vacuum oven, welded with flange in circle or cone filter. It is mainly applied in the three-in-one or two-in-one equipment of such as pharmaceutical,chemical and food industry etc.

These porous metal structures provide the accurate filtration characteristics of wire mesh for greater strength and durability, they are available for filter dryers, Nutsche filters, centrifuges, fluid bed dryers, pressure leaf filters, plate and frame filters, and dust collectors.


Product details:

1) Filter Media:Sintered wire mesh laminates

2) MOC:SUS304,316L

3) Rate:1-200um

4) Diameter 100mm~3000mm

Features of Sintered Mesh Media 

1) High strength and rigidity

2) Continuous operating temperature range of -200° to 600°C

3) Corrosion-resistant

4) Abrasion-resistant

5.Easily cleaned

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