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10um Pleated Filter Cartridge

10um Pleated Filter Cartridge

10um Pleated Filter Cartridge10um Pleated Filter Cartridge10um Pleated Filter Cartridge10um Pleated Filter Cartridge10um Pleated Filter Cartridge
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Details of 10um Pleated Filter Cartridge:

    The sintered metal mesh filter adopts sintered stainless steel fiber felt, has high-pressure, high temperature and chemical corrosion resistance, it also has good air permeability, high dirty holding capacity and long-life service time, can repeat use by clean, is the ideal filter element for petroleum, chemical and synthetic fiber industries.

10um Pleated Filter Cartridge

Application for 10um Pleated Filter Cartridge:

Stainless steel Pleated filter Cartridge enjoy the characteristics of long life span, easy cleaning, low cost, etc. Stainless steel pleated filter Cartridge we manufacture are widely used in chemical fiber, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, pharmaceutics, machinery, metallurgy, ceramics, dispose of sewage, foodstuff and beverage, cosmetic etc.

Advantages for 10um Pleated Filter Cartridge:

1.OEM filter manufacturer with 13years experience
2.professional technical services any time
3.design and produce according to our clients' special requirement
4.100 new products every month
5.all filters are under Rigid Quality Control before shipment
6.20 working days delivery,guarantee
7.response within 12hours
8.good after-sale service

Characteristic for 10um Pleated Filter Cartridge:

(1)Large dust holding capacity, high filtration precision, pressure raises slowly,a long cycle period.
(2) High porosity and excellent permeability, small pressure loss, high flow.
(3) Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, resistance to corrosion of acid, alkali, organic solvents and drug, at 480 °C environment for long-term use.
(4) Easy processing, forming, and welding.
(5) Be produced according to user requirements are particularly enhanced, thickened type, intensive network type and various other specifications.

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10um Pleated Filter Cartridge

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