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316 Metal Pleated Filter Candle

316 Metal Pleated Filter Candle

  • Category:Filter Element
  • Material:316L
  • Properties:Sintered fibre felt cartridges
  • Application:water treatment, oilfield, mining, food industry, chemical industry, papermaking industry, decoration.
  • tag:316 Metal Pleated,Filter Candle,
316 Metal Pleated Filter Candle316 Metal Pleated Filter Candle316 Metal Pleated Filter Candle316 Metal Pleated Filter Candle316 Metal Pleated Filter Candle
Wire Mesh Wire Mesh
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Details of 316 Metal Pleated Filter Candle:

      Perforated sintered wire mesh plate is made from several layers of stainless steel woven wire mesh and a perforated metal layer sintering together, usually consisting of five layers (as the left picture shown) - perforated layer, buffer layer, fine mesh, protective layer and filer layer. The above layers are sintered together to form a very study and strong multi-layers filter mesh. The perforated metal as reinforcement layer support the filter structure, which has very high compressive and mechanical strength.

316 Metal Pleated Filter Candle

Product Appliaction of 316 Metal Pleated Filter Candle:

* Folklift truck
* Aerial work platfrom
* Building and construction
* The paper pulp and paper mill
* Truck-hydraulic power system
* Mechanical engineering machine
* Agriculture-agricultural machinery
* Pharmaceutical - power control system
* Chemical industry - chemical treatment
* Injection molding machine - transmission system
* Petrochemical industry- hydrocarbon processing
* Generate electricity - wind power hydraulic system
* Hydraulic support-hydraulic lifting system, mine mobile devices
* Steel and heavy metal smelting - blast furnace ironmaking hydraulic system

Features for 316 Metal Pleated Filter Candle:

•Large filtration range: From 1micron to 100micron it all has the well filtration performance .
•Steady filter rating, As to the two protective layers and sinter arts, the mesh of the filter layer is not easy to change.
•High mechanical strength. Excellent resistance to pressure ang high mechanical strength due to the fourth and fifth layers reinforced.
•Washable: Easy to wash, especially back washing owing to the surface.
•Heat resistance. Heat resistant up to 480℃.
•Corrosion resistance. Corrosion resistance as to a result of adopting SUS316L.
•Tractability.Suit to cut, punching, warp, tension and jointing.

Pharmacy Industrial Filter Mesh Adaptors:

1.Standard Adaptors (222,220,226)
2.Fast Interface Connector
3.Threaded Connector
5.Tire Rod
6.Other Special Adaptors

The specifications of the 316 Metal Pleated Filter Candle:

1.Flange Part Size:OD270mm Flange*OD220mm Element*ID190mm Element
DIA.12mm holes on 240mm PCD-4 NOS
2.Outer 10*10-1mmTHK. Square Perforated Cage
3.2mm THK*6mm hole perforation
4.Stiffner-8mm*8mm ROD
5.Filter Media:Pleated Sintered SS 316L Non Woven Metal Fiber Felt
7.Support 40 Mesh-Both Side
8.Size:270FlangeOD*190ID*500MM Long
9.Micron Rating:15 Micron
10.All Dimensions are in mm

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316 Metal Pleated Filter Candle

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