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316L Metal SS Filters

316L Metal SS Filters

316L Metal SS Filters316L Metal SS Filters316L Metal SS Filters316L Metal SS Filters316L Metal SS Filters
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Details of 316L Metal SS Filters:

    The filter element is used in PP degassing and recovery plant. It adopts sintered PTFE filter material and SS cage, which overcome the disadvantage of high elongation, big deformation, low resistance to temperature and low anti-corrosion performance for cloth bag.

Advantage for 316L Metal SS Filterst:

1.Long element service life through highest dirt holding capacities
2.Higher operational dependability through outstanding cleanliness classes
3.Reduced maintenance costs through long replacement intervals
4.Low disposal coats through weight reduction
5.Greater safety through high differential pressure stability

Application for 316L Metal SS Filters:

It is mainly used for macromolecule polymer filtration, high temperature gas filtration, hydraulic system filtration, high-precision ink filtration, pre-filtration of high-precision membrane, catalyst carrier and regeneration, food, drink and pharmaceutical.

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316L Metal SS Filters

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