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Stainless Steel Cylinder Filter Element

Stainless Steel Cylinder Filter Element

  • Category:Filter Element
  • Material: Stainless Steel wire mesh
  • Properties: Industral filter
  • Application:the petrifaction industry, the pipeline filter, the project machinery, refuel the equipment field, the field pharmaceutical and food industry.
  • tag:Stainless steel,Cylineder filter,
Stainless Steel Cylinder Filter ElementStainless Steel Cylinder Filter ElementStainless Steel Cylinder Filter ElementStainless Steel Cylinder Filter ElementStainless Steel Cylinder Filter Element
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Details of Stainless Steel Cylinder Filter Element:

     Stainless steel cylinder filter element is available by variety of styles to satisfy customer requirements. We design it according to micron rating, differential pressure, product characteristics, on stream life requirements, disposability, and cleaning method. The filter media included metal fiber felt, muti-layer metal mesh, metal wire mesh, and others. It can be provided as a flat wrap for making cylindrical filters elements or pleated for making pleated filter elements.

Weave:plain weave, twilled weave, plain dutch weave, dutch twill weave.

stainless steel cylinder filter Uses:

used to sieving and filter in acid and alkali conditions, oil industry as mud mesh, chemical fiber industry as screen mesh, plating industry as pickling mesh.

stainless steel cylinder filter Packaging:

water-proof outside and plastic inside;inside plastic film, outside water proof paper or woven bag, or as the customers’ requirement.

stainless steel cylinder filter Properties:

Resistant acid and alkalis, high temperature resistant, pull and wear resistance


Stainless Steel Cylinder Filter Element

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