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hydraulic filter element

hydraulic filter element

hydraulic filter elementhydraulic filter elementhydraulic filter elementhydraulic filter elementhydraulic filter element
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Details of hydraulic filter element:

     Hydraulic filter element is installed in oil tank,Simplify the system piping and save space,so that the System layout is more compact. They are design with self closing valve. When maintaining system,the oil in tank will not reflux. And when replacing oil filter element,they are removed together with pollution,oil will not flow out.

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Application for hydraulic filter element:

The filter has been widely used in transformer oil, hydraulic oil, aviation kerosene, petroleum, chemical, power plant, cost carbon, mining, pharmaceutical, food and engineering industries.

Features for hydraulic filter element:

•Large filtration range: From 1micron to 100micron it all has the well filtration performance .
•Steady filter rating, As to the two protective layers and sinter arts, the mesh of the filter layer is not easy to change.
•High mechanical strength. Excellent resistance to pressure ang high mechanical strength due to the fourth and fifth layers reinforced.
•Washable: Easy to wash, especially back washing owing to the surface.
•Heat resistance. Heat resistant up to 480℃.
•Corrosion resistance. Corrosion resistance as to a result of adopting SUS316L.
•Tractability.Suit to cut, punching, warp, tension and jointing.

Technical Details for hydraulic filter element:

Absolute filtration typically ßx(c) ≥ 1000
High ßx value stability across a wide range of differential pressures
High contamination retention capacity
Disposable elements and cleanable elements
Elements pleated
Flow direction from out to in to maximize stability
Excellent flow fatigue stability due to solid filter material support
Standard filtration ratings: 3μm, 5μm, 10μm, and 20μm absolute

Construction for hydraulic filter element:

As the core of the filter, it is the filter element which performs the actual filtration and/or dewatering function in the housing.
They consist of several pleated filtration and support layers which are placed as a cylinder around or inside the stabilising support tube. These mesh packs are sealed by the endcaps.
Regardless of the type of filter, flow direction through the filter elements is from out to in.
Depending on the filter material, the filter mesh pack is encased in an additional outer plastic sleeve.

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