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Perforated Support Baskets

Perforated Support Baskets

  • Category:Filter Strainer
  • Material:stainless steel 304 1.4301 1.4404
  • Properties:basket filter
  • Application: waste water filtration, pulp and paper as well as mineral processing applications. Wedge wire or profile screen half cylinders can be added to an aug
  • tag:Perforated ,Support Baskets,stainless steel,
Perforated Support Baskets
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Details of Perforated Support Baskets:

These reusable baskets provide liquid straining and filtering at various levels of mesh and micron requirement. Fully welded construction assures that no particle bypass occurs around the welded seam of the mesh or micron lining. The lining is supported by the perforated outer wall of the basket, making it extremely durable. Ideally suited for high temperature applications and/or aggressive service, baskets are constructed of T-316 stainless steel and include a Buna gasket.

Application for Perforated Support Baskets:

The petrifaction industry, the pipeline filter;The project machinery, refuel the equipment field ; The field pharmaceutical and food industry

Features for Perforated Support Baskets:

1) Gravel pre-packed wedge wire screens consist of two screens or multilayer screen

2) Perforated pipe inside ,with perforations wrapped by the outside Johnson type screen

3) The screen jacket and base pipe are welded together with a length of coupling.

4) The base pipe can be made of seamless pipe or welded pipe, and more often, casing pipes.

5) ID of Johnson type screen equals OD of the perforated pipe.

Features for Stainless Steel Basket Filter:

stainless steel basket filters can be coated chrome or handle coated by chrome plate or e-polishing, it is bright and clean with and good structure, no deformation, easily cleaned, non-stick, not rusty, food grade and non-toxic tasteless; Varied models available, good structure, export standard, efficient delivery.

Perforated Support Baskets

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