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Truncated Conical Strainer

Truncated Conical Strainer

  • Category:Filter Strainer
  • Material:stainless steel 304,304L,304HC,316,316L,321,430 or as per your request.
  • Properties:filter element
  • Application:Chemical products;Foodstuffs and spices (milk powder, coffee, tea, rice, grains); Stones and powders (minerals, diamond sizing, ores, alumina)
  • tag:truncated,conical strainer,stainless steel,
Truncated Conical StrainerTruncated Conical StrainerTruncated Conical StrainerTruncated Conical StrainerTruncated Conical Strainer
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Details of Truncated Conical Strainer:

Truncated conical strainer are very low cost pipeline strainers that are designed for start-up of new or revamped piping systems. They offer inexpensive protection for costly valves, pumps, meters, and other mechanical equipment against damage causing contamination present during start-up and commissioning.

Truncated conical strainer are for temporary use and should be removed and thrown away after the initial cleaning of the system. Since these strainers are temporary, they need to be installed in a section of pipe such as a removable spool piece.

Application for Truncated Conical Strainer:

Chemical products
Foodstuffs and spices (milk powder, coffee, tea, rice, grains)
Stones and powders (minerals, diamond sizing, ores, alumina)
Pharmaceutical products
Boards and fixing plates (dividing shavings and wadding)
Paper (sieving wood shavings, preparation of coatings)
Metal powders (Precision sieving of metal powders)
Animal feedstuffs (dedusting pellets, sieving crumbs, molasses based foodstuffs)
Fertilisers (phosphates, potash, urea, mixed fertilisers)
Sugar and salt (sizing)

Feature for Truncated Conical Strainer:

(1) Easy to clean

(2) Reusable

(3) No need paper filter

(4) More environmentally friendly

(5) Outer layer is thin stainless steel small round hole cover, combined with inner layer, double filtration.

(6) Classical V-shaped design, extraction of coffee evenly, flow stability, draw the essence of coffee.

truncated conical strainer

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