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Brass Bronze Pneumatic Air Silencer

Brass Bronze Pneumatic Air Silencer

Brass Bronze Pneumatic Air Silencer
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Details of Brass Bronze Pneumatic Air Silencer:

Brass Bronze Pneumatic Air Silencer

Main Applications

1)Filtration and recycling of a variety of catalysts;

2)Filtration of high temperature off-gas in petrochemical industry;

3)Filtration of hot off-gas in metallurgical industry;
4)Retention of particles from off-gas of fluidized beds;
5)Fine dust and off-gas filtration in coal and nuclear power plants.

Pneumatic fittings are used in pneumatic piping. The tube fittings come in a wide variety of models to meet all your needs in pneumatic piping. Even after installation, the direction of the tube can be changed freely
Nickel-palted metal body ensures anti-corrosion and anti-contamination. All R and NPT threads are pre-coated sealant.
1)Accurate regulation of an optimal air flow rate for precise motion control
2)Elliptical release ring help to connect the tube easily by manual, no special tools required.
3)(Nickel-plated )brass threaded bodies ensures anti-corrosion and anti-contamination.
4)All threads are pre-coated with Teflon sealant and require no additional sealing.
Technique information:
Medium: Air and Water
Working Pressure: 0~150PSI
Working Temperature: 0-60C(32~140F)

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