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Sintered copper porous filters

Sintered copper porous filters

Sintered copper porous filtersSintered copper porous filtersSintered copper porous filters
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Details of Sintered copper porous filters:

Sintered copper porous filters also named metal porous sintered filter is made of titanium or stainless steel powder. It is a new style material for filtering. It loads stronger heat stress and concussion and can work in a higher temperature and corrupt medium. It can be welded, felted and mechanism machining, and can be regenerated after dirty. They are recommended for the filtration of air or liquid at higher operating temperatures and corrosive environment. Sintered stainless steel cartridges are produced by cold isostatic pressing, which gives high porosity to the material and improves its stability. They can be cleaned easily or back washed, which makes it longer working life.

Features of Sintered copper porous filters

1)Channel crisscrossed,High temperature resistance,resistance to thermal shock.
2)Corrosion resistant,applicable to a variety of acid alkali and corrosive medium,
Stainless steel filter can resist the corrosion of acid and alkali and organic matter,especially suitable for sour gas filtration.
3)High strength, good toughness, suitable for high pressure environment.
4)weldable,easy loading and unloading.
5)Hole shape stability, uniform distribution, guarantee the stability of filtering performance.
6)The regeneration performance is good.
7)Filtration performance after repeated washing of regeneration to restore more than 90%

Application of Sintered copper porous filters

1)High pressure filter medium;oilfield oil sands separation;
2)Machinery, ships, fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic start oil filter;
3)Chemical industry, chemical plants process;
4)High temperature gas dust removal; filter food; medical filter;
5)Water treatment and distribution,gas distributionsystem

Sintered copper porous filters

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