Now we are selling sensor filter protective device guard, welcome to order.-
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sensor filter protective device guard

sensor filter protective device guard

sensor filter protective device guard
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Details of sensor filter protective device guard:

sensor filter protective device guard

UBO is specialized sintered bronze, zinc and copper-nickel alloy, 6-6-3 of copper, porous filter element, according to user requirements produce a variety of shapes, structures, different particle size, porosity of the porous components, such as: cover, cap, film, pipe, rod-like filter element.


Especially suitable to high temperature gas filtration;


Main Applications


1)Filtration and recycling of a variety of catalysts;

2)Filtration of high temperature off-gas in petrochemical industry;

3)Filtration of hot off-gas in metallurgical industry;

4)Retention of particles from off-gas of fluidized beds;

5)Fine dust and off-gas filtration in coal and nuclear power plants.



Product Features

1)Stable dimensions.  The ability to withstand alternative forces and   shock is superior to other metal filtration media;

2)Stable filtration efficiency and permeability;

3)Superior mechanical strength, and suitable to using in high temperature, high pressure and strong corrosive applications;

4)Especially suitable to high temperature gas filtration;

5)Can be produce as tubes.  Connectors can be welded onto tubes.




stainless steel ,copper


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