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Blocking Efficiency in Metal Sintered Mesh Filter

The main points of the design of the sintered mesh filter are: high blocking efficiency for particles; low resistance when receiving air flow; large dust holding capacity. At the same time, the measurement accuracy of the measurement parameters is specified.

The basis for the design of the interception efficiency is the determination of the weight efficiency of the intercepting dust of the original filter material. This is related to the properties of the filter media. Plant fibers as well as polyester fibers have their own ability to block particles. Interception is not a simple aperture interception. It contains various adsorption effects. The glass fiber is obviously better than the vegetable fiber intercepting particles. This is not because its fiber is fine and the mesh is small, but its adsorption capacity for particles is strong.

The original sintered mesh filter material was cut into a test piece of 113 mm (100 cm 2 ), and then tested for efficiency. The conditions were: air flow rate of 20 m/min; ash (AC) concentration to air filling test was 18 g/cm2; pressure difference reached the limit of 1000 Pa. After the test is completed, the filtration efficiency is evaluated for the filter medium. Since the vehicle (industrial) sintered mesh filter core is evaluated by weight efficiency, the filtration efficiency is nominally weight efficiency. The particle interception efficiency of the sintered mesh filter element (component) is designed to be the filter element.

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