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Chemical filter requirements in the oil installations

     In the oil installations, filters can be used efficiently to achieve product for the quality trial. Filtering device product structure is simple, reasonable design, sealing, strong circulation performance, easy operation. In industrial production, it is necessary of filtration of the production process in many industries, especially in the chemical industry, petroleum, natural gas, coal filter is directly related to the quality of our finished products, and also related to our environmental of the sustainability development. High quality filtering material is to ensure that our product is indispensable of the sustainable development for environment. In the oil apparatus, arrangement of chemical filter material have certain requirements, we briefly points:

1. pump inlet filter should be installed. Installation position of the filter should be close to the protected equipment;
2. the angle T-type filter must be installed in the pipe 90 ° bend of the occasion;
3. straight-through t-shaped filter must be installed on the pipe straight pipe, when installed on a riser, you should consider to facilitate the extraction filter; installed in a horizontal pipe, the filter extraction should be downward the direction;
4.Y-type filters installed in horizontal pipes, the filter extraction should be downward the direction;
5.installed in the pump inlet filter on the vertical pipe, in order to reduce the height of the pump inlet valves, can be used reducing the filter;
6. Y-type filter is installed on a vertical pipe in the media from the bottom up, should be used reflux type;
7. the compressor inlet pipe should be installed filter or removable short section, convenience to before driving installation temporary filters and cleaning pipes.

        Filter material is widely used in petrochemical and water treatment systems, is also very common for sewage disposal. For sewage disposal, sewage recycling treatment of the production process, filter materials can strengthen energy conservation of company, and good continuous filtration effect, filter cleaning degree complete, stable operation and convenient operation, in the current and future periods will also be more widely used in industrial production.

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