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Cleaning Precautions of stainless steel filter cartridge


A、 Cleaning of stainless steel filter cartridge

   (1)Newly acquired stainless steel filter cartridge must use disinfectant or steam sterilization at before installation. Usually pre-filter doesn't have to disinfected, disinfection is mainly used for 0.2 µ m~0.45 µ m filter cartridge.
         When using steam sterilization, the product description should be formulated in a certain depth of disinfectant(can be formulated into a concentration 100 ~ 150ppm for disinfectant to use etc.),and then filter cartridge into the disinfectant soak 1-2 hours, and finally rinse with water until no residual disinfectant.
         When using steam sterilization, generally can be use 0.1-0.15Mpa pressure of saturated steam sterilization 20-3.0 minutes. But should pay attention steam valve should slowly open to avoid steam rushed into, and damage to the filter.
        Note: When you purchase a stainless steel filter, customers often use steam sterilization, must state to the supplier, in order to provide resistance to steam sterilization filter cartridge.
    (2) For the newly acquired cellulose acetate filter, you should only use disinfectant to sterilize, and not with steam sterilization.

B、Cleaning of stainless steel filter housings

(1)The new purchase stainless steel filter cartridge housing through the pipes and valves before and after, must use a cleaning agent the adhesion of oil at work and adhesion of dust and dirt thoroughly cleaned at during transport.
(2)Then, the preparation of a good soaked in disinfectant, disinfection and sterilization;
(3)And finally then rinse with water until no residual disinfectant so far.

Cleaning Precautions of stainless steel filter cartridge

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