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Design characteristics of stainless steel filter

1, filter device using patented internal mechanical structure, realize the true meaning of high pressure backwash function makes it easy to completely clear the filter interception of impurity cleaning no dead ends, flux-no attenuation, the protection of the filtration efficiency and long life.
2, stainless steel filter using 304, 316L, wedge-shaped stainless steel strainer, high strength, corrosion resistance, high filtering accuracy is up to 25 microns.
3, stainless steel filter through their own retrieval and response capabilities, automatic back-flushing, unstable water fluctuations, without manual intervention.
4, stainless steel filter less wearing parts, without supplies, low operation and maintenance costs, simple operation management.
5, stainless steel filter accuracy, according to different water Backwashing filter accuracy and the flexibility to adjust the differential pressure set value time and time.
6, stainless steel filter in backwash process, various (groups) filter followed by back flushing operation; ensure the safety, efficient cleaning filter and other filters are not affected and continue to filter.
7, stainless steel filter with pneumatic discharge valve, Backwashing duration short, back-flushing water consumption, green economy.
8, stainless steel filters, compact and reasonable structure design, covering an area of small, flexible and convenient installation.

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