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Development of filtration technology in the beer industry

With the increasingly fierce competition in the beer market and the growing demand for beer quality, breweries are trying to reduce costs and improve beer quality, where filtering beer is key.

Hebei Ubo cooperates with many large breweries around the world. Its main filtration products are:

Johnson wedge wire screen

sintered filter

Wedge wire filter

Filter element

The main purposes of beer filtration are as follows:

(1) Remove the suspended matter in the wine, improve the appearance of the beer, make the beer clear and shiny, shiny

(2) Removing or reducing substances that make the beer turbid and precipitate, such as polyphenols and proteins, to improve the colloidal stability of the beer.

(3) Removal of microorganisms such as yeast or bacteria to improve the biostability of beer.

In terms of beer filtration and clarification, centrifugal separation, diatomaceous earth filtration, and cardboard filtration are currently widely used in China.

We are the leader in the filtration industry and can provide a variety of customized filter services according to customer needs. For more industry information, please click here to view more.

Development of filtration technology in the beer industry

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