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Features of Sintered Metallic Porous Material

      Sinter metal porous filter of pore structure generally includes supporting layer, layer (layer), cover. Filter filtering surface layer using tapered pore structure design. This structure can complete the multi-stage filter effects, so that particles will not filter too quickly to intercept surface deposits, which will help improve dust holding capacity of the filter, extension of the work cycle of the filter.

The functional structure characteristics of sintered metallic porous materialThe functional structure characteristics of sintered metallic porous material

1) Structural Features of Sintered Metal Mesh

Metal microporous network layer is the key structure of sintered metal mesh filter, it directly affects the metal filter separation and overall performance. Select filter itself is more complex than it seems, and this involves a wide range of wire sizes, pore size, hollow area, the weaving process and organization design, and so on.

Duth braid: metal wires thicker than weft wires and weft wires are very straight, resulting in a tight, solid fabrics. Pores tend to wedge-shaped rather than a square of fabric, which help filter cake formation. The structures mesh is often used in the filter.

2) Properties of Sintered Metal Fiber Felt

Sintered metal fiber felt technology development as well as the development of a high precision filter was developed with the successful application of cluster-drawing process.

3) Sintering of Metal Powders

In the 1960 of the 20th century, the application in different fields of application and environment, emergence of hydrochloric acid-resistant nickel-based alloys, Inconel, titanium, stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant, high temperature sintering of powder porous filter materials. Development to the present, mass production and application of sintered powder porous media including bronze, stainless steel, nickel and nickel alloys, titanium and so on.

Sintered metal fiber felt filter material at the international level the typical processes of the company are: structural design---raw preparations (JI Shu Laba, fibers cutting)---laminated metal fiber (felt)------sintering machine soldering (component preparation)---------test---the final cleaning cleaning products shipped.

The functional structure characteristics of sintered metallic porous material

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