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Filter Tube/Filter pipe

Material: 205, 302, 304, 316 and other stainless steel, Low-carbon steel.
Weaving and characteristics: The filter tube is composed of supporting strips (brackets) and sieve wire (sieve). The support bar can be a round wire or a trapezoidal wire (wedge-shaped wire, V-shaped wire, triangular wire), the sieve is triangular, the gap size is accurate, and the filtration precision is high. With strong structure, high temperature, corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties, long service life, safe and reliable characteristics. Can be used for filtering multiple media.

Product performance:

1, the continuous gap has greatly increased the water area, so contact with the aquifer is better.
2, v-section structure to avoid clogging to ensure smooth flow.
3, continuous porosity can be used for a long time.
4, trapezoidal water pipe structure is solid, high porosity, accurate gap size.
5, trapezoidal wire filter pipe easy backwashing, long service life, safe and reliable, comprehensive cost is low.


  The filter pipe is a kind of water filter with hole and eye, which can be used in the wells and wells with deep water pump and shallow pump. can also be used for sewage treatment equipment, bad environment protection, seawater conversion to industrial water and water desalination treatment, tap water treatment, water softening treatment, petrochemical industry, oil products terminal filtration and chemical acid and alkali liquid filtration, alcohol and other organic solvent recovery filtration

Product Advantage And Features

1. trapezoidal wire application, so that the screen gap between the formation of Vee glyph openings. This design form is more efficient than other forms of product operation, which ensures the smoothness of water resources filtration.
2. The continuous winding of trapezoidal filament forms a continuous high density and uniform gap on the supporting wire arranged in a circumferential arrangement, which guarantees the opening area and non-blocking of the screen, and avoids the high density accumulation of the sediment, which provides the guarantee for improving the production efficiency and prolonging the service life of the well.
3. Wire winding and all the supporting wire are connected by welding, strong and durable, longer working life cycle.
4. According to the actual demand design of the supporting wire longitudinal arrangement and screen of the continuous gap form, so that the product has a higher compression performance.
5. The advantages of the product improve the efficiency of the water wells and the use of the cycle, making the product become a leader in the filtration equipment.

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