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Five-layer sintered wire mesh profile

      Five-layer sintered wire mesh  is one of the most widely used standard sintered wire mesh. It is a five-story stainless steel wire in accordance with different structures are stacked together, and then sintering, compression, rolling, such as the production of porous sintered material. General for a five-layer structure, divided into protective layer, layer, separation layer, layer, layer five parts. This type of filter has both stable filtration accuracy, and higher strength and stiffness. Filtration of high compressive strength requirements and require uniform filtering environment, is a kind of ideal filtering material. Because of the filtering mechanism for surface filtration, and smooth mesh channel, it has excellent back wash natural properties, can be repeated long-term use, especially suitable for continuous and automated processes, is unmatched by any kind of filter material. The material is easy to mold, machining and welding, easy can be processed into a round, cylindrical, cone-shaped, corrugated and other forms of filter elements.

Five-layer sintered wire mesh profile
Five-layer sintered wire mesh profile

Five-layer sintered mesh characteristics

(1) good: as a third or fifth floor supports, has a very high mechanical strength and compressive strength.
(2) easy to clean: use is the surface of the filter material, has the characteristic of cleaning, particularly suitable for Backwashing.
(3) easy processing: suitable for cutting, bending, stamping, stretching, welding process.
(4) high temperature resistance: can withstand 480 ℃ high temperature.
(5) corrosion-resistant: due to use SUS316L, 304 material, so the corrosion resistance.
(6) the filtration accuracy: filtration accuracy range total 1 μ-100 μ, there are reliable filtration performance.
(7) stability: thanks to two layers of screen protection and diffusion and solution of sintering process its filters easy deformation.

Five-layer sintered wire mesh

(1) for very high temperature environment decentralized cooling material.
(2) for the uniform application of powder gases in industry, the steel industry in the flow of the Board.
(3) for gas fluidized bed plate material.
(4) for blast furnace pulverized coal flow too and sent dense phase conveying system.
(5) pharmaceutical industry in filtering, washing drying.
(6) catalyst support grille.
(7) for polyester, oil products, food and beverage, chemical fiber filters, also used in water treatment and gas filter.

Five-layer sintering technology parameter

type Nominal accuracy(um) Gas-precision(L/min·dm2·1000pa) Bubble pressure(pa)
MSW1 1 180 5300-6000
MSW2 2 240 4300-5000
MSW5 5 260 3000-37000
MSW10 10 310 2700-3300
MSW15 15 350 2000-2600
MSW20 20 450 1800-2300
MSW25 25 620 1400-1900
MSW30 30 690 1200-1700
MSW40 40 420 1000-1500
MSW50 50 850 900-1200
MSW70 70 900 700-1100
MSW100 100 1080 650-1000
MSW150 150 2600 500-800
MSW200 200 2800 450-600

Note: standard sizes: 500mmx1000mm 600mmx1200mm 1000mmx1200mm
Standard thickness: 1.7mm
Standard material: 316L we can use 304


Filter performance for reference data, orders are subject to inspection Tips:

Sintered wire mesh for non-standard products, consult before you will be required to:
1. filter environment;
2. the material of the filter material, thickness, size;
3. accuracy of the filter materials;
4. other special requirements;
A clear understanding and is convenient to directly provide drawings, so that we can quickly give you an accurate quote

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