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Five-layer sintering mesh

     The standard five-layer sintering mesh is divided into supporting layer, reinforcing layer, separating layer, filtration layer, protective layer, made by diffusion solid-solution sintering method, the maximum of supporting layer mesh hole, guaranteeing the flow of filtration material, supporting the whole net, reinforcing layer dispensable, the net hole is slightly smaller than the support layer, for some filtration system requires mechanical strength is larger than the use, separation layer, separate support layer and filter layer, mesh hole is relatively small, can filter out the larger dirt, so that the bulk of dirt in the support layer and strengthen the layer, Easy to clean, filter layer, the soul of the Sintered net, he decided a net of the role of the thickness of theSeparation layer to be thicker than one points, because the separation layer and protection of the protective layer, so that its filter frame stability is not easy to damage, and can be reasonable to its mesh holes can be designed, so has a larger filtration range, protective layer, and the separation layer screen is more similar to protect the filter layer role.


     This five-layer stainless steel wire mesh through sintering, pressure, making and other processes, the use of vacuum sintering to 1100 Shan after the diffusion of solid-soluble production, it is like the 5-layer screen in the state without destroying its structure welded together, so with a higher overall rigidity, easy to cut, bending, stamping, welding and other processing technology, and this five-layer screen is the surface filtration materials, and the structure of overlapping layers, so that it is particularly convenient to clean, especially suitable for backwash, his filtration direction is from the rough side to the fine side.


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