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How about is feature and structure of sintered filter

How about is feature and structure of sintered filter?

Lead: For sintered filter, they are a kind of woven wire mesh, wire mesh for this, they are pressed by special and baked, for such a filter, they have a very high strength, in addition to their rigidity is also quite good, consider each of the network on the ground, they are arranged are intertwined, and the other on them is not very uniform arrangement for such the arrangement also good is they have the same size of the gap, the other for infiltration permeability is also very good.

Sintered filter

For sintered filter, they have very good characteristics, such as their use in the process, filtration accuracy is relatively high, while in wear resistance and heat resistance of the surface is very good for such products lai that they themselves can be divided into five-story structure, they were a protective layer, filter layer is separated into four parts layer and the support layer, the sintered filter, they can be repeated long-term use, while they may be suitable for continuous operation operation, for this kind of material, they are in any of the material can not be compared.

Sintered filter, the materials they use are relatively easy to manufacture molding, their production method is very simple, for their shape, it can be a variety of options, such as a circular or a cone shaped or corrugated can be, for such filters, they feature it is widely used by the environment, for minus two to plus six Baidu Baidu environment we can use them to filter, in addition to some acid alkaline environment, They are capable of normal use.

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