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How to choice of industrial filters and notices

How to choice of industrial filters and notices

Industrial filters division gas filtration, liquid filtration, solid recovered three kinds of filters, where only liquid filter instructions;
Usually the selection will need to know the temperature of the filter material, viscosity, flow rate, solids content of impurities, particle size distribution of the impurity, pressure, pH and the like.
Filter impurities particle size distribution according to the filter is divided into:
Pipe filter 800 micron
-800 Micron bag filter 1 micron
0.05 to 100 micron cartridge filter
Reverse osmosis membrane
Membrane filtration range: 0.0001 m

1 pipe filter
Pipe filter element filter is typically a metal or a metal mesh filter
Sub-manual, the self-cleaning filter backwash
Appropriate in the circumstances: a high viscosity is generally 0-100 Wan CPS, high flow, low-solids, liquids coarse particles filtered.

2 bag filter
The filter element is the bag, non-woven materials are nylon and polyester.
Optional features: automatic alarm, quick opening, sanitary food-grade polishing
Suitable conditions: moderate viscosity, moderate flow, fine liquid particles

3 Cartridge Filter
The filter element is the filter, sub-folded filter meltblown filter, wound filter, activated carbon filters, etc.
Appropriate in the circumstances: a low viscosity, low flow, low solids content of the liquid, such as water treatment, industrial water filtration

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