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How to clean powder recovery filter

   UBO facing the world, production and sales of a variety of industries with a cartridge, complete model species, the price is reasonable, wherein the powder recovery filter is one of the main products in our factory, and then how to clean powder recovery filter it? Here is my factory made answer:

  When the powder recovery filter surface of the powder agglomeration or replacement powder colors need the clean filter, can be powder recovery filter into the water (or a neutral detergent), first soaked 15 minutes, then wash (brush tool available swipe) consecutive times, make it completely clean.

Note: When washing powder recycling machine, must clean sticky the filter cartridge tube of powder, otherwise the powder agglomeration will become clogged.
Drying can make it dry naturally or make temperature of below 80 ℃ to completely dry.

Note: When using oven drying, the temperature is not too high and damage the dust collector cartridge.
UBO company is committed to environmental protection industry, in order to create a more clean production environment and living space, exceed customer expectations. Science and technology continue to develop new products in line with current times, service to society. Ensure quick delivery, customer satisfaction receipt!

How to clean powder recovery filter

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