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How to clean the sintering mesh? Characteristics of five-layer sintering mesh

    Because of its high strength, good rigidity, high temperature resistance, stable filtration efficiency, easy cleaning and can be reused, the sintering mesh has been widely used in various industries. Which of the sintering mesh with what method of cleaning, both simple and save time, so as to achieve a higher rate of reuse, is a common concern of customers, so now by the superior filter to introduce several types of sintering network cleaning methods, the vast number of customers can be based on their own actual situation to choose!

    There are several methods of cleaning the sintering mesh: Ultrasonic cleaning method, baking cleaning method, against cleaning method, filtrate cleaning method.

   Among them, ultrasonic cleaning method and against cleaning method are more common.

   Against cleaning method also known as Backwashing method, is the nitrogen and other inert gas to normal filtration of the reverse direction of backwash, because the sintering network is more smooth, very easy to clean, so it is particularly applicable to the backwash. In the process of reverse cleaning, it is not necessary to remove it from the filter device, and it can be cleaned directly in the filter. And the ultrasonic cleaning will need to be removed from the filter device, with ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean, compared to the reverse cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning for the production benefit, but the ultrasonic cleaning is more thorough and can ensure the cleaning of the filter.

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