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How to weld stainless steel cartridge filter

     Production in the industrial production of stainless steel cartridge filter is made of stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel mesh, its structure is generally divided into: stainless steel wire mesh welded tube; stainless steel + stainless steel mesh skeleton; silk + steel mesh frame.
     Before welding, in order to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the filter cartridge, welding effect, needs a mold, the mold is copper, according to the filter cylinder bore size to make a copper bar, installed on the welder, spot or seam at the junction, you can. Is in need of attention: in the welding filter to control the temperature and speed and strength, in order to weld technology of beautiful, solid welding products.
      Stainless steel filter tube style is variety of, above we mentioned has plenty of separate of filter network welding and into of, plenty of used single layer punching network and into, plenty of double or multilayer for combination, regardless of is which species in welding Shi, are need note in processing production zhiqian, we need put welding current adjustment in place, so as not to appeared leak welding or welding current had big of phenomenon, multilayer combination of situation, we need see material and thickness to select different of welding process, spot, argon arc welding or ion welding, Reasonable choose us solid welding products.
       Also during welding of stainless steel cartridge filter, welding technology of the staff are also very important factors, filter tube production workshop staff are required to pass through pre-service training. Companies always adhere to the concept of quality achievements in the future, strict testing for each manufactured products.

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