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Importance of processing quality in sintered mesh filters

      Speaking of sintered mesh filters, many people have seen them, and in various industries in society, the types of sintered mesh filters are different. Moreover, in the sintered mesh filter, its processing quality will directly determine its own service life. At the same time, it is necessary to extend the service life of the sintered mesh filter, and daily maintenance and maintenance are also essential.

      In the processing of sintered mesh filter, the processing of good sintered mesh filter should have higher passing ability when the filtering precision meets the needs, and the oil-passing ability of the sintered mesh filter can be maintained to keep the circulation of the system smooth. The pressure will also be in a lower and more easily tolerated range. If the pressure difference is too large, it will not only damage the sintered mesh filter structure, but also affect the pumping efficiency of the pump.

       At the same time, the strength of the sintered mesh filter core should also meet the standard. The strength is related to the pressure bearing capacity of the sintered mesh filter. The pressure in the hydraulic system is not constant. According to the working strength and time, the switching of the power-on and shut-off, the pressure has been changing, and the sintering is good. The mesh filter not only has to withstand the maximum pressure, but also has the fatigue resistance that keeps its structural strength difficult to wear under the constant pressure.

      In addition, the selection of the sintered mesh filter element is also very important, and in the use of the filter material of the sintered mesh filter element must have sufficient corrosion performance. At the same time, if the sintered mesh filter is made of a metal material, it is easy to rust, so the use of an additive is required.

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