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Process of sintered metal powder filter

   Sinter metal powder filters is based on industrial metal (stainless steel, cast nickel, Kang nickel, Hastelloy alloy, pure nickel, titanium, copper, iron, aluminum alloy) material. After by cold isostatic molding, high temperature and high vacuum sintering of porous sintered metal filter elements.

1. the production process:
   In most chemical processes, 316L stainless steel with good corrosion resistance ability, so we chose the 316L stainless steel powder as the preferred materials of porous metal filter elements. First of all the raw materials to monitor, the metal powder for analysis, in addition to its metallurgical composition, and its particle size distribution, bulk ratio analysis. After by cold isostatic molding, high temperature and high vacuum sintering. Before and after the sintering operation are required to detected carbon conten, the production of each batch of products are required to carry out the bubble point test. Determined by the maximum diameter of medium rigid spherical particle, also we need to determine the permeability, density and carbon content. To ensure that every product is a high-quality quality.
2. the filter works:
   Since the sintered metal powder filter belong to metal porous element, so its interior has numerous pores, pore bend and stretches, and has a uniform and highly accurate porosity. by pressure can be achieved deep precision filtration.
3. performance:
    Sintered metal powder filter with corrosion-resistant, high temperature, high strength, filtration precision easy assurance, easy regeneration etc excellent performance; because it through a cold isostatic pressing and high temperature, high vacuum sintering, it isn't easy to fall off the surface of the particles; the maximum temperature up to 900 ℃, suitable for a variety different degrees of filtration of corrosive media. It has excellent mechanical properties, can be cutting, welding, machining, large compressive strength. Filtration precision can be guaranteed, even if the work at high temperature and pressure, pore size without distortion, porosity up to 35 to 45%. And the pore size evenly distributed, large quantity of pollutants, easy backwashing, strong regeneration ability, long service life.

Process of sintered metal powder filter

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