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Punching filters for using basic principles

     Punched filter refers to the stainless steel plates, low-carbon steel sheet, galvanized sheet, PVC sheet, cold rolled coil, hot-rolled plate, aluminum plate and other materials of different shapes on the hole, to suit different needs. Main pass rectangular hole, square hole, diamond-shaped holes, and so on. Mainly used for environmental protection, chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical, petroleum, water filtration industry. So, such a broad application of punching filters are applied using the principles of what is it?

       After design of punching filters makes filter inside Jet effect, any contaminants will be washed from the smooth inner wall. When the filter pressure difference of import and export of equipment returned to normal or timer set time ends when the whole cleaning process is done. If the import and export of equipment when the differential pressure reaches the set value, electric control box signals driving anti-erosion mechanism and cleaned the drain valve opens automatically. System pressure relief drainage, suction cup inside of the filter up a relative pressure negative pressure area below the lateral pressure of the filter, make the lateral flow of the water from the filter particle filter is the filter media of slender curved duct and fluid in collision and compression and interception and tightly attached to the duct wall. Apply to very small particles in suspension and little content. Mainly used to remove sand filters remove fine particles and colloidal substances, such as water purification, etc. Punching filters can filter, the process is simple, breathable, precision is stable, no leaks, recycling performance, regeneration speed, easy installation, high efficiency, long service life. I can according to customer requirements and punching of various machinery filters, such as cone-shaped, wedge-shaped, basket-shaped, v-shaped, cylindrical shape, material of filter tube, filter density can be customized according to requirements, quality assurance and price concessions.

Punching filters for using basic principles

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