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Sintered Filter

Sintered Filter is a multi-layer metal sintering network, the use of multi-layer stainless steel network through a special laminated compression, through vacuum sintering of a high strength and the overall steel of a new filter material, the mesh of each layer of wire mesh with each other, forming a homogeneous and ideal filter structure.

Features of Sintered Filter:

1) high strength: five layers of wire mesh sintering, with very high mechanical strength and compressive strength;

2) High precision: The filtration granularity of 2-2000M can play a uniform surface filtration performance;

3) Heat Resistance: can be durable from 200 degrees up to 650 degrees of continuous filtration;

4) Cleaning: Due to the use of excellent countercurrent cleaning effect of the surface filtration structure, cleaning simple.

Application of Sintered Filter:

1) used in high-temperature environment for dispersing cooling materials;

2) for gas distribution, liquid bed plate material;

3) for High-precision, high reliability high-temperature filtration materials;

4) for high-pressure backwashing oil filter.

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