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Sintered Metal Powder Filter

       Sintered Metal Powder Filter adopts metal powder as raw material, without adding binder. After the cold isostatic pressing molding, through the high temperature vacuum sintering made. The pore size and distribution of the components can be adjusted by matching the particle size and process parameters of the metal powder. With the characteristics of pore structure, material composition and compressive strength of different filtration materials, the filter products which are suitable for users are developed.
       Sintered Metal Powder Filter can realize micron-level precise filtration, separating solid particles from liquids and gases, when the fluid passes through a certain precision filter, the impurity is blocked on the filter surface form the cake, the pure fluid passes through the filter element, makes the fluid that is polluted or contains impurities clean to the normal production condition, to ensure the downstream device obtains the pure product or the protection equipment normal work.
       Unlike the non-metallic sintered filter element is, when the sintered metal powder filter cake surface of the filter to reach a certain thickness, because of its high-strength performance characteristics, so can be through a certain reverse pressure to the filter to wash or reverse blowing the filter, so that the filter can be reused.

Sintered Metal Powder Filter has the following excellent performance:

1: Has good filtration performance (0.5~200 µm);
2: The shape is stable, the component has high strength;
3: High temperature resistance (maximum can be in the environment of 900 ℃ work);
4: Strong anti-corrosion performance;
5: Impact resistance Ah, high load;
6: Breathable, separation effect is good;
7: The Backwash effect is good, the component is easy to regenerate, etc.


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