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Sintered filter - a new tool for environmental protection

     In industrial production, in order to obtain higher purity of the products, we have to use a variety of filtering device, the sintering filter is one, which the stainless steel material of the product is the most widely used. Now let’s see the structure and advantage of what are sintered filter.

    First, from the structure, structure of sinter filter can distributed the protective layer, filtering layer, dispersion layer, and a skeleton layer four parts,the filter layer is the core of this product, and with stainless steel to make filtering layer not only can ensure the filtering precision and can guarantee the filtration strength of products as a whole, and only when sintering filter filter layer also has these two properties, we can judge this is a kind of ideal material. The stainless steel to make, also can prolong the service life of the product.
    The second, sinter filter the advantages are obvious, mainly including first, the plasticity is very strong, production is also very convenient, which is based on this reason, this product can be processed into circular, tubular and anything else we need to shape. The second point, the use of this product is very extensive, it can be used in all the environment within 200 minus degree to 600degree, but also resistant to corrosion of acid and alkali, and other material.
    Third, sinter filter daily maintenance is also very convenient, easily washable can repeatedly use. Of course cleaning method has many kinds, including the inverse flow, liquid filtration, ultrasonic, and many other means, we can according to their own needs to clean. And also can according to different occasions, we must choose different types of sintered filter, and the choice of the regular factory production of products is the most reliable.

Sintered filter - a new tool for environmental protection

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