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Stainless Steel pleated cartridge filter

     Stainless Steel pleated cartridge filter main filter material using stainless steel fiber sintered felt and stainless steel woven mesh As the main filter media, filter each cover the use of Argon arc welding technology Bonding, the filter layer folds the folding process, constitutes a complete filter, no leakage, no media shedding phenomenon, stainless steel fiber sintered felt is a kind of stainless steel fiber sintered by high temperature porous depth-shaped filter material; stainless steel woven mesh is made from stainless steel wire woven

    Stainless steel woven mesh is made of different diameter stainless steel wire, made of the filter with good strength, not easy to fall off, easy to clean, high temperature resistance, the use of economic characteristics. Stainless steel filter can be made from coarse to fine multi-layer structure, with high porosity, high decontamination capacity and so on.

Main Features:
After Chengpo pattern, the area increases several times, the decontamination ability is stronger, the replacement period is longer.
High porosity, strong permeability, low pressure difference, suitable for high viscosity medium filtration.
With excellent strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, can withstand the pressure of 30MPa to 90MPa.
Again, by chemical cleaning, high-temperature calcination and ultrasonic cleaning can be used repeatedly.

Application parameters:
Working pressure: 30MPa
Operating temperature: 300 ℃
Fluid viscosity: 260Pa. s
Pollutant Capacity: 941mg/c㎡
Filtration accuracy: 1060μm

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