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Stainless Steel sintering Mesh

 Stainless Steel sintering Mesh


    Stainless steel sintering Mesh is a widely used standard structure of the sintering network, the principle is to five layers of stainless steel wire mesh in a certain order stacked together, and then after the vacuum sintering after the formation of a new filter material. For the stainless steel sintering network, generally consists of five layers of structure, namely: skeleton layer, filtration control layer, dispersion layer, protective layer and supporting skeleton layer. The characteristics of stainless steel sintered mesh are as follows:

1,stainless steel sintering mesh, stainless steel sintering network, selection of high-quality material makes it has good heat resistance and has a strong corrosion resistance, adaptability is particularly strong, can be used in high-temperature and low-temperature environment, even in the acid and alkali environment can be used.

2. Stainless steel sintering mesh has good surface filtration effect. Because the selection is the structure of surface filtration, so its reverse cleaning effect is particularly good, and can be used repeatedly without affecting performance, with a longer service life. and the stainless steel filter layer in the second layer, so can be very good protection and shunt, sintering network, and for stainless steel sintering network has a higher filtration accuracy, can achieve uniform filtration effect, sintering network units, so has extremely stable performance.

3, stainless steel sintering mesh has a high compressive strength and mechanical properties, good plasticity makes it convenient for processing welding and assembly, easy to use, easy to operate.

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