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Stainless steel cartridge filter applications

  Stainless steel cartridge filter now has been widely used in various industries, today UBO will simply tell you about the stainless steel filter cartridge generally used in any place.

1. The catalyst was filtered and separated.
2. petrochemical plants boiling bed exhaust filter, catalytic cracking slurry oil filtration.
3. high temperature flue gas purification in metallurgical industry.
4. other high temperature gases and liquids filtration.
5. A variety of high temperature, corrosive liquid, catalyst filtration in petrochemical industry.
6. In the fiber film industry in a variety of polymer melt filtration and purification.
7. The pharmaceutical industry in a variety of catalysts filtration.
8. the distribution of gas, liquid-bed plate material.
9. high pressure backwash filter and so on.
10. the filtration of edible oil, beverage and edible pulp.
11. the sewage purification filter production.

Stainless steel cartridge filter applications

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