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Stainless steel sintered wire mesh terms and definitions

Stainless steel sintered wire mesh standard

      Multilayer laminated stainless steel woven wire mesh is in a certain order, and is formed by vacuum sintering, rolling of multi-layer stainless steel sintered wire mesh (hereinafter referred to as sintered wire mesh)
1 terms and definitions

Stainless steel sintered wire mesh terms and definitions


1.1 semantic precision

Sintered wire mesh filtration accuracy quoted GB/T 21648-2008, on behalf of the woven wire the dense net and GB/T 5330-2003 the metal wire woven square mesh for industrial use in the provision of nominal aperture size and mesh size.

1.2 air permeability

Under a pressure gradient, fluid passes through the sintered mesh volume per unit area.

1.3 bubble pressure

Forces gas through the first bubbles of liquid impregnated, sintered wire mesh the minimum pressure required.

1.4 strengthening layer

Wire diameter coarse pores larger wire for support, to improve overall strength and stiffness of the sintered wire mesh.

1.5 streaming

Filter media by sintered mesh control, guide to the filter media stream and keep control of micro-hole shape and dimensional stability.

1.6 control layer

Precise wire mesh as a key work of the sintered filter materials, sintered wire mesh filtration accuracy by its control.

1.7 protection layer

On the control layer for protection and protection in the process of maintaining stability in micro-pore shape and size.

2 product categories
2.1 specification (based on the product structure is divided into five series)

    Standard sintered wire mesh series, six-layer sintered wire mesh series, flow plate series, punched-plate composite mesh series, special sintered wire mesh series

Stainless steel sintered wire mesh terms and definitions

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