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The Filtration Process of Corn Flour Sugar

(1) Heating the corn flour: unloading corn flour to feed chute. With the addition of water, which is sent to the heating tank to soften. Cornflour heated milk pumped to furnace injection liquefaction.
(2) Liquefaction: flour liquefied enzyme-assisted injection pot in liquefaction. Materials into a flash tank and cooled and liquefied liquefied live.
(3) Slag separation and drying: liquefied material into the filter press for separation. Then rinse with water residue reduction process glucose. After washing, the residue to the bundle of slag residue drying machine drying.
(4) Saccharification: The liquefied material adjusted to saccharification tank and enzyme reaction was carried out. To maintain a certain reaction time, to produce the desired DE value of glucose, and then sent off machines enzyme enzyme inactivation.
(5) Decolorizing and filtering: the glucose to the bleaching tank, add activated carbon at an appropriate temperature. After destaining, sent to the filter to remove the activated carbon.
(6) Ion exchanger: fine foreign matter and odors and high-quality glucose removal by ion exchange.
(7) Evaporation: glucose through the security filter completely clean, then sent to the evaporator up to the DS values as a final product.

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