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The function and operating principle of the disc filter

   Since the beginning of the 21st century, disc filters have been introduced into the reverse osmosis system in large quantities. Its operation and backwashing are mostly controlled automatically, without manual operation, and are well received by users.
    The disc filter is also called a laminated filter. It is a kind of cross-flow filtration. It is named after a plurality of discs are stacked together, mainly relying on the gap to intercept the particulate matter in the water. Its main products are divided into 50um and 100/um, both imported and domestic.
     When the disc filter is in operation, the disc is tightly compressed under spring pressure, and water containing foreign particles flows through the gap of the disc, wherein the foreign particles are trapped outside the disc and are periodically backwashed. Rinse off with water. In the backwash state, the controller controls the valve to change the direction of the water flow, and the diaphragm in the inlet valve closes the inlet valve due to the impact of the pressurized water. At the same time, the disc is loosened by the impact of the pressurized water, and the backwashing water is ejected from the center of the disc in the tangential direction to rotate the disc, and the trapped impurity particles on the disc are washed away by the backwashing water. After backwashing for 3s, it will automatically close again. The backwash valve disc is pressed by the spring pressure again, and the disc filter inlet valve will resume the open state and enter the water.

filter disc,sintered filter,filter strainer,polymeric filter


filter disc,sintered filter,filter strainer,polymeric filter

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