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The importance of replacing filter elements


You want to minimize product downtime, loss of productivity and overall increased costs. Clean, dry, compressed air is essential to operations. The main reason to change your filter element is to maintain air quality.

Elements have a finite life and finite capacity to retain contamination. Once these have been expired the required air quality can no longer be maintained.

Benefits of changing your element are: 

  • High quality guaranteed compressed air
  • Protection of  your adsorption dryer beds
  • Protection of your downstream equipment, personnel and processes
  • Reduction in your operational costs
  • Increased productivity & profitability

What factors reduce filter performance? 

Filter performance can be affected by a number of different factors, these are not visible and you can often not be aware of problems until it affects your operations.

During operation, the filter media in coalescing and dust removal filter elements is attacked by high velocity dirt particles. At the same time it has to deal with extremes of pressure, temperature and a pulsing air demand whilst being submersed in acidic condensate, which can be hot water, oil or chemical additives from compressor lubricants.

As the filtration media breaks down, even a hole the size of a pin point or pressure spikes can result in the a rupture of the filter media.

A rupture in the filter media allows contamination to pass from the filter into the system. If this should happen the needle on the gauge would always read in the green area.

As a result the filter element is often not serviced until contamination is spotted downstream.

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