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Use the right filter for your industrial filtration system

Facility operators in various industries are committed to industrial filtration. In food production, it removes contaminants and helps control the thickness and texture of the product. In power plants, it prevents contaminants from entering the fouling system and shortening its service life. In a water treatment facility, it can do everything from clearing large objects to helping to purify the water that flows out. Due to the variety of uses, custom filtration systems are often required.

1. Industrial basket filter

Industrial basket filter

The basket filter is shaped like its name. They are long cylindrical filters, usually with an open-top, a mesh side and a bottom. Unfiltered material enters the open end and can only be discharged through the mesh. During this process, objects larger than the grid size will be captured and left behind.

The material and grid size used depends on the application. Very fine mesh and A4 sterilizable materials are common in food and pharmaceutical applications. Industries that require fine filtration but no health problems use a more economical type of fine filter. For applications that only need to remove large objects, the mesh is very rough and the material is stronger.

Usually, a series of strains from coarse to fine is in progress. This is good for things like water treatment, where the original input may include rocks and other debris. A very rough screen filter removes the stone, and then a filter with a finer screen is used in sequence to reduce particle contamination until there is no residue.

2. Vessel Internals

In some cases, the fluid to be filtered is not in the ongoing pipeline. Instead, it is placed in a container and filtered at the nozzle or in the container itself. The internal parts of the container are the filter components that are allowed to do so. Brewers and other brewers who need to store large quantities of products in vats or other containers during processing use them.

3. Wedge Wire

This unique type of filtration system uses wire strips instead of screens. The precise placement of the wedge wire allows for extremely uniform filtration. This style is suitable for stainless steel and other materials that do not give a taste to the liquid being processed. Therefore, they are the favorite of winemakers, winemakers and similar operators.

weedge wire filter

4. Filter Disc

Blade filtration is one of the oldest technologies in the industry, but it is still very useful. Filter blades are available in every industry, but to achieve good results, you need to work with companies that have years of experience in design and manufacturing. At UBO, we have experience that many industrial filtration equipment manufacturers lack. We can align your filter with the filter media, design the optimal exit system, and match everything to the pre-coated media for the ideal clean cake release.

filter disc

5.Engineering filtration products

Sometimes your application will work better than any current off-the-shelf filter model compared to a custom industrial filter product. In this case, UBO can help. We have been custom engineering for many years, so whether you are keeping filtrate or fluid, you can count on us.

To ensure you get the best solution for your needs, just contact us. Our engineers will be happy to work with you to create the best filtration system for your facility. Also, if you already know exactly what you want, call or email our sales department for immediate access.

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