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Various filters advantages and application

Filter the kinds according to its structure: pipe-filter, blue filter, cone-shaped filters, bag filters and cartridge filters (filter, filter for security), quick-opening filter, modular filter filtration system, moving the car, plastic filter (plastic filters) and automatic cleaning filter

Pipeline type filter:
Pipe filter is typically used to pump filter, protection equipment (compressors, pumps, meters, and so on) security products, extend the life of equipment. Suitable for fewer impurities, high filtering accuracy is not working. Commonly used pipe-type filters are divided into t and y-type filter in two ways.
Commonly used is the stainless steel mesh filter material.

Pipe filter basket and the filter are the same filter, suitable for coarse filter imports the finest filters can do 40 microns;
Bag filters and cartridge filters are micro-filtration products, the bag has the advantage: large capacity, easy, undemanding filter bags can be cleaned using,
Advantage of the cartridge filter: filter efficiency bag filter high filter precision can be 0.0 a few micrometers can filter fluoride materials;
Cone-shaped filter includes different diameter flange connection filters, reducer welding reducer flange connection filters, different flange connection filters, reducing the several models such as welding filters; form and distinguish it from the tip cone filters at the end of the peaceful end of cone-shaped filters. Widely used in systems such as steam, air, water, oil pipeline. Protection of all gauges and pumps, valves, traps and other equipment. Cone-shaped filter temporary filter, basket and filter effects, is removable and washable inconvenient;

Plastic filter over the filter material is made of plastic;

Mobile car + filter + pump filter is the car, where filter is required to move the car filters

Self cleaning filters at present are: automatic back-flushing, arm back-flushing, self cleaning,

Back flushing is generally used for solid content of small high-precision filtration, currently imported products can do to 1 micron, mechanical cleaning is suitable for high viscosity liquids with high impurity content, can now do to 

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