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Welding process for metal fiber sintered felt

           Metal fiber sintered felt is a filter product with a large dirt holding capacity. In the sintered felt, it is non-woven and coated with micron-sized metal fibers, and after being sintered at a high temperature, the mechanical strength is higher, the surface area is larger, and the distribution is more uniform. Sintered felt and high performance, high temperature and corrosion resistant filter material with excellent performance.

1. Electron beam scanning and deflection. In the sintering felt welding, the electron beam scanning can widen the weld seam, reduce the cooling rate of the molten pool, eliminate defects such as uneven penetration, and reduce the requirement for joint preparation.

2. Improve weld forming conditions. When welding the sintered felt, the electron gun should be placed horizontally for transverse welding to facilitate the formation of the weld.

3. Clean up before welding. The oil stain on the surface of the stainless steel filter element is washed with an organic solvent such as acetone. Mechanically remove oxides from the stainless steel filter element. The purpose of cleaning is to reduce the time of vacuuming, to prevent weld metal contamination and to produce welding defects.

4, metal fiber sintered felt to prevent overheating. When the thin plate is welded (thickness is 0.03 to 2.5 mm), the local heating is strong during electron beam welding due to poor thermal conductivity of the thin plate. In order to prevent overheating, fixtures should be used, and the fixture materials are generally made of pure copper. Add a filler metal. The purpose of adding filler metal is to fill the weld of the sintered felt, prevent dents, change the weld composition, improve performance, and reduce defects.

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