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What are the classifications of the filtering process

Classification of the filtration process:

   (1) Screening filter: Filter medium is a grating or filter to remove coarse suspended solids, such as weeds, rags, fibers, pulp and so on. Its typical equipment has grille, sieve mesh and micro filter.
    (2) Microporous Filtration: Adopting a molding filter, such as filter cloth, filter, sintering filter, hive filter, etc., can also be coated on the filter media beforehand filter agent (such as diatomite) to form a small pore filter cake, to remove particles of small size. A lot of product equipment is stereotyped.
     (3) Membrane Filtration: The use of special semi-permeable membranes for filtration media, in a certain driving force (such as pressure, electric power, etc.) to filter, because the membrane pore is very small and selective, can remove the water bacteria, viruses, organics and dissolved solutes. The main equipments are reverse osmosis, ultra filtration and electrodialysis.
     (4) Deep Filtration: The use of granular filter materials such as quartz sand, anthracite, etc. Because of the pore between the filter particles, the waste water passes through the filter layer of a certain depth, and the suspended substance in the waters is trapped. To distinguish between the above three types of surface or shallow filtration process, this kind of filter is called deep filtration, abbreviation filtration

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