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What are the factors affecting the quality of Sintering sintered filter

What are the factors affecting the quality of Sintering sintered filter?


First, the sintering temperature and time:

The sintering temperature and the length of the length of the sintered body of the porosity, density, strength and hardness. Sintering temperature is too high and too long, will reduce product performance, and even products over burned defects; sintering temperature is too low or too short, the product will be due to undercurrent caused by performance degradation.


Second, the sintering atmosphere:

Powder metallurgy commonly used sintering atmosphere to restore the atmosphere, vacuum, hydrogen atmosphere. The sintering atmosphere also directly affects the properties of the sintered body. Sintering in a reducing atmosphere prevents billet burning and reduces surface oxide. Such as iron-based, copper-based products often used furnace gas or decomposition of ammonia, hard alloy, stainless steel often used pure hydrogen. Active metal or refractory metal (such as beryllium, titanium, zirconium, tantalum), TiC-containing cemented carbide and stainless steel can be vacuum sintering. Vacuum sintering can avoid the adverse effects of harmful components (H2O, O2, H2) in the atmosphere, but also reduce the sintering temperature (generally can reduce 100 ~ 150 ℃).


Third, the powder metallurgy sintering method:

1. If there are two or more components in the liquid compacted powder compact, the sintering may be carried out above the melting point of a certain composition, so that a small amount of liquid phase appears in the powder compact when sintered.

2. Activated sintering In the sintering process using some physical or chemical measures, so that sintering temperature is greatly reduced, sintering time significantly reduced, while the sintered body performance has been improved and improved.

3. EDM sintered powder body in the forming press through the direct current and pulse power, so that the arc between the particles and the sintering of the sintering, the sintering gradually applied to the workpiece pressure, the forming and sintering of the two processes together.

4. Pressure sintering In the sintering, the powder body to exert pressure to promote its densification process. Pressure sintering is sometimes synonymous with hot pressing (hotpressing), hot pressing is the powder forming and sintering together, directly to the process of products.


There are many factors that affect the performance of the sintered body, mainly the properties of the powder body, the forming conditions and the conditions of sintering. Sintering conditions include heating rate, sintering temperature and time, cooling rate, sintering atmosphere and sintering pressure conditions.

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