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What is the basket filter selection principles

The filter accuracy is a kind of the best accuracy filter in the filter. Filter mesh and the other filter mesh isn't the same, because shaped like a basket, so the mane is basket filter. Basket filter works: pipeline will be other debris into the pipe at installation, in the production of raw materials also contain debris. Liquid in the pipe when it passes the filter, it's dirt add to filter mesh from filter. When a certain extent open the cover to clean the screen. Basket filter is composed of takeover, cylinder, filter basket, flange, flange covers and fasteners and other components. Installed on the pipe to remove large solids in fluid, making machinery and equipment (including compressors, pumps, etc), the instruments are functioning and running, to achieve a stable process to ensure safe production. Used for oil or other liquids pipelines, pipeline debris filter, the filter pore area are 2-3 times larger than diameter tube area. Far more than the Y type, T-type filter area.

Basket filter selection principles

1) Import and export path: In principle, the filter import and export diameter of not less than the support of the pump inlet diameter, generally in line with the import pipeline diameter.

2) Hole mesh selection: The main considerations need to intercept impurities particle size, according to media process technology requirements. All kinds of size wire mesh can be blocked particle size can be found in the table below "screen format".

3) Nominal pressure: According to filter pipeline may appear the highest pressure to determine the pressure rating of the filter.

What is the basket filter selection principles

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