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What is the difference between a titanium powder filter and a stainless steel powder filter

      Titanium powder sintered filter elements are also used to be called titanium rod filter, titanium alloy filter, metal titanium filter. With the development of the industry, there is an increasing demand for various media to be filtered. Conventional filter elements include paper filter elements, glass fiber filter elements, activated carbon filter elements, ceramic filter elements, copper filter elements, stainless steel filter elements, etc., but some require temperature resistance. With pressure resistance, strong corrosion resistance and special appearance, many conventional filter elements are difficult to meet the process requirements. Therefore, titanium powder sintered filter elements and stainless steel sintered filter elements are widely used.

      The metal powder sintered filter element is made of industrial metal powder (stainless steel, Mengnier, Inconel, Hastelloy, pure nickel, pure titanium, copper, iron aluminum alloy). A sintered metal porous filter element produced by high-temperature, high-vacuum sintering after being formed by a cool press. The raw material of the titanium powder filter is fired from pure titanium powder.

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Also as a metal powder sintered filter, the titanium powder filter and the stainless steel powder sintered filter have many of the same characteristics:

1: highly accurate porosity;
2: The shape is stable, the filtration resistance is small, and the permeability is high;
3: good mechanical properties, impact resistance and alternating load;
4: high temperature resistance, high pressure;
5: gas permeability and stable separation effect;
6: good chemical stability, corrosion resistance
7: Relying on the mold can make all kinds of special-shaped filter
8: Easy to regenerate, anti-cleaning, long service life.

       Titanium powder filter and stainless steel powder sintered filter have many different characteristics, so the two types of filter are widely used according to different processes. The most important difference is that the temperature required for sintering of titanium powder filter is lower than that of stainless steel powder sintered filter. Corrosion-resistant and high-pressure, but the temperature requirements are not high, titanium powder filter is more easy to produce and process, easy to mass production, low energy consumption compared to stainless steel filter, which is widely used.

filter strainer,polymeric filter,titanium powder filter, stainless steel powder filter

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