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What is the difference between metal sintering and sintered metal fiber felt

What is the difference between metal sintering and sintered metal fiber felt 

Metal sintering a total three species form, first species is metal powder sintering, highest precision of filter device, filter surface filter, most important of is can achieved anti-blow and anti-flush, filter can repeatedly using one years even more long; second species is metal sintering felt, pore rate big, has compared big of NA dirt capacity, main a for stick degrees is high of liquid filter, like PET, and PBT, and viscose, and melting State of PP, and PE,, but no anti-blow and anti-flush function, one-time using; third species is metal sintering screen Five filtering modes, filter powder sintered filter accuracy is not high, generally used for relatively coarse filters

Simple says:

Sintered metal mesh is a surface filtration, can regenerate, but small dirt holding capacity
Process for filament sintering spray-soluble.

Sintered metal fiber felt belongs to deep filtering, non-renewable, pollution receiving capacity.
Processing technology for the irregular winding silk.

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