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What is the selection principle of the basket filter

The filter precision is kind of the best precision filter in the filter,mesh construction and other filters are not the same,because shaped like a basket,so the name is basket filter. basket filter is Working principle,the piping at the time of installation there will be other debris into the pipeline,in the production of raw materials also contain debris.When the liquid in the pipeline is going through the filter,its sewage is stored in the filter screens form the filter.When a certain extent open the cover to clean the filter.Basket filter consists of takeover, cylinder, filter basket, flange, flange covers and fasteners and other components.Mounted on the pipe can be removed relatively large solid impurities in the fluid,the machine equipment (including compressors, pumps, etc.), the instrument can work and operate, stable process to ensure safe production.Used for oil or other liquids pipelines,the debris in the filter pipeline,filter aperture area are 3 times the larger than diameter tube area.Far more than the Y type, T-type filter area.
Selection principle of the basket filter
1.Import and export path:In principle,the import and export diameter of filter is not less than the matching of the pump inlet diameter,generally in line with the import pipeline diameter.
2.Hole mesh selection:The main considerations for an interception of impurity particle size, according to media process technology requirements.A variety of particle size of the screen can be blocked check under the table "filter specifications."
3.Nominal pressure: according to the filter pipe may appear maximum pressure,determine the pressure rating of the filter.

Stainless Steel Basket Filter

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