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Why are filters Important

The main reason for the failure of fluid power systems is because there is too much contamination.

These fluid systems are contaminated due to enumerable reasons and hence it is necessary to use a filter.

The hydraulic filters are quite successful in keeping the hydraulic fluid contaminant free.

In order to appreciate the true potential of the filters it is important to understand the fundamentals of contamination.

Sources of Contamination:

main source of the contaminants is from the very components of the system. For example the cylinders, fluids, hoses, hydraulic motors, lines & pipes, fabrication, pumps, reservoirs, valves, etc. are some of the components that create contamination.

In addition to that there are several other factors that also contribute to the contamination like the assembly of a system, operation of a system and fluid breakdown.

There are also a few external factors that add to the contamination like reservoir breathing, cylinder rod seals, bearing seals.

And that is not all! The very maintenance of the systems creates a more contaminated fluid mainly while assembly – disassembly and oil makeup.

The contaminants in action:

The size of the contaminants is about 5 micrometer. To get a better understanding of how small is 5 micro meter; 1 micro meter is about 40 millionth of one inch.

2.5 micro meter = 0.0001 inch.

Thickness of a sheet of paper is 75 micro meter.

The smallest dot visible to the human eye is about 40 micro meters. It is the thickness of human hair approx.

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