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sintered metal powder filter

     The sintered metal powder filter uses metal powder as a raw material without adding a binder.After cold isostatic pressing, it is formed by high temperature vacuum sintering. The pore size and distribution of the component can be adjusted by selecting the metal powder particle size and process parameters. Using the pore structure, material composition, and compressive strength of different filter materials, we have developed a filter product that is finally suitable for users.

      Sintered metal powder filter can realize micro-scale precision filtration, which can separate solid particles in liquid and gas. When the fluid passes through a certain precision filter element, the impurities are blocked on the surface of the filter to form a filter cake, and the pure fluid flows out through the filter element. The contaminated or contaminated fluid is cleaned to the state required for normal production to ensure that the downstream unit obtains a clean product or protects the equipment from normal operation.

     Different from the non-metal sintered filter element, when the filter cake on the surface of the sintered metal powder filter core reaches a certain thickness, due to its high strength performance characteristics, the filter element can be backwashed or backflushed by a certain reverse pressure. Clean the filter element so that the filter element can be used again.


    Sintered metal powder filter is widely used in petrochemical, chemical, fine chemical, coal chemical, food and beverage, nuclear power, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing and other industries. Especially suitable for the following applications:
1: catalyst filtration;
2: filtering liquids and gases;
3: mother liquor recovery filtration in PTA production;
4: filtration in food and beverage;
5: boiling vaporized bed;
6: liquid flushing bubbles;
7: fire retardant;
8: Balanced, damped airflow;
9: probe protection of the sensor;
10: Filtration and noise reduction on pneumatic equipment;
11: fly ash treatment;
12: Gas homogenization and pneumatic conveying in the powder industry.

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